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How we do things here

We’ve got a mission.

It’s exciting, but it’s also a challenge.

To meet this challenge, we need to bring our best selves. We do that through a culture of mutual care and respect that values our different perspectives, and with working policies that allow space for our individual lives. If you share our curiosity and determination, you will feel welcome and empowered here.

Pioneer the Future

Be passionate about the big stuff.

To change the world for the better, we have to be ambitious and imaginative.  We will not allow anything to distract us from our goals. We tackle the biggest problems in our mission to empower humanity to solve its most complex challenges.

Always be error-correcting (and fault-tolerant)

Challenge and be challenged. Correct and be corrected. 

We apply rigour to everything we do. We challenge ourselves and each other every day: “Could we do this better?”

Making mistakes is an important part of innovating. A fault-tolerant team requires trust, diversity of ideas, respectful curiosity and a lot of active listening.

Embrace entanglement

Your wellbeing is entangled with my wellbeing.

We share our successes and failures, our challenges and concerns, our fears and ambitions. We support and elevate one another. Trust, respect and care are integral to our culture.  

As a team, we are entangled.

Make your own super position

Be the leader of your domain

We help each other to thrive personally and professionally. Every individual is empowered to lead their area and drive their own development. We encourage each other to find the right balance (or superposition) between work and home so that we can all flourish.

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What it’s like to work here

We are proud of our team’s diverse backgrounds and life experiences. The more perspectives we share, the better we are at finding solutions; and, as an organisation, we benefit by representing the world we seek to change. But we also know that curating true representation is a perpetual mission.

We want our employees to feel valued and empowered to fulfil their potential. That means:

We each set our own approach to our tasks and responsibilities, trusting that we know how to do our best work.

We build a sustained focus on wellbeing and mental health into our working policies and culture.

We offer an unlimited holiday allowance. That does not just mean breathing space, but a complication-free approach to medical appointments and any time we might need for personal or family issues.

Our parental leave scheme is balanced and generous, focussed on the needs of your family, and adaptable when those needs change.

Our regular social events are designed to create an oasis for team bonding and fun.

Whatever the shape of your life - however you need to interact with the world and the people around you - your talent drives our mission: 

to solve quantum computing at scale, and change the world.