We’re building quantum computers that empower humanity to solve its most complex challenges.

That means scaling to meet the demand for a million high-quality qubits - and then, to keep going. This is how we’re solving scale:

Our technology is robust from the qubit up.

Our trapped ion qubits are well-isolated and highly controllable through our unique chip architecture.

We then integrate classical control units directly with the quantum chip layer, increasing speed and reducing noise - and laying the foundations for a truly modular architecture.

Together, these elements make up the iQPU: the integrated Quantum Processing Unit. A powerful basis for million-qubit systems and beyond - built to integrate with your digital infrastructure and deployment plans.

Our modular approach preserves
record-breaking fidelity and speed

We then link modules using UQConnect: an electric field link that transfers qubits directly between our iQPUs at world-record speed and fidelity.

To operate these systems, we use UQLogic: an ultra-efficient microwave technology that can control qubits at any scale.

With only a handful of gate fields, we can execute single and two-qubit gates on any chosen qubit, at any scale, with near-perfect individual addressability.

Our design is practical. We’re building it now

We use existing manufacturing technologies to build the key components of our quantum computer.

And we’re creating the full stack that supports utility.

To us, solving scale does not just mean building scalable quantum hardware. Together with our growing ecosystem, we are solving scale for the full quantum stack.

This includes:


Scalable hardware


Efficient error correction


Software to manage and control at scale


Quantum algorithms for fault-tolerant quantum computers


Classical compute infrastructure integration


Utility-generating use cases for clients and end users