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Solve scale. Change world.

We’re a team of world-leading scientists, engineers and operational staff, working together to build useful quantum computers that will empower humanity to solve our most complex challenges.

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Our mission

A quantum computer harnesses the fundamental forces that govern the physical world. It can efficiently model complex systems in ways that would take the best classical computer millions of years, and so help revolutionise drug design, climate modelling, battery chemistry, and many other vital processes.

But to achieve all this, we need to make quantum computers work reliably at scale.

We started Universal Quantum to meet this challenge - because we believe that by doing so, we can help solve the most difficult problems faced by humanity. We’re following a pragmatic, engineering-based roadmap to build a device that is useful in the real world: a quantum computer that has utility. Every approach we take, every solution we devise, is geared towards this goal.

Solve scale. Change world.

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Our story

Universal Quantum was founded by Sebastian Weidt, Professor of Quantum Computing and Entrepreneurship, and Winfried Hensinger, Professor of Quantum Technologies: long-standing friends and collaborators at the University of Sussex.

In 2017, Sebastian and Winfried published the first practical blueprint for a large-scale trapped ion quantum computer. Sharing a deep belief in that technology’s potential to change the world, they incorporated UQ the following year, to harness the investment and engineering capability needed to make this potential a reality.

Since then, we’ve reached major technical milestones - for example, connecting quantum modules at near-perfect fidelity with our UQConnect technology. We’re also proud of our growing team and our centre of innovative excellence in the UK, along with sites in Germany and the USA.

We are now producing our next generation of devices for clients including the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) as we continue our progress towards useful, large-scale quantum computing.

My 3 promises

Sebastian Weidt
CEO of Universal Quantum

To our UQ family

You will always be my top priority.

To our partners

I will move heaven and earth to help us build quantum computers that  deliver true utility to you as quickly as possible.

To the world at large

I will ensure to the best of my ability that our quantum computers will not only tackle humanity's biggest computational challenges, but also help to remove inequities around the world.

Snapshot of our team

At Universal Quantum, scientists, engineers and our operational team collaborate to transform the cutting edge of research into practical solutions. We are united by our commitment to bringing this technology to life, and our shared optimism over what it will mean for the future.

We’d love for you to meet the whole team, but let’s begin with a snapshot, representing the breadth of experience and expertise we bring to our mission. 

Amin Abolghasemi

I enjoy tackling new problems and embracing fresh challenges, particularly alongside a diverse group of engineers and physicists from varied backgrounds. My experience spans academic research, where I've developed my skills in problem-solving and collaboration.

In my free time, I enjoy swimming, travelling, and learning to play the setar.

Amin Abolghasemi

Mechanical Engineer
Ilan Elson

I'm a generalist and love working with passionate people to build world-class organisations. My career spans biomedical research, management consulting, and tech start-ups. At UQ, I support the people, finance, commercial and operations teams. 

I’m from California originally. I love playing musical instruments with my kids, carpentry, and jogging through the forest. 

Ilan Elson

VP, Operations

I thrive on crafting marketing strategies that drive business objectives. I love the hands-on creative side, but balance that with a data-driven approach for decision-making. I’ve experienced large organisations like Airbus - but I love UQ’s start-up energy and culture.

Outside work, I enjoy travelling, creative writing, and getting lost in a great movie.

Kanyin Ilori

Head of Marketing
Louise Aherne

I lead program teams across industries and geographies, developing best practices for delivering at the cutting edge of technology. I’m passionate about high performing teams and managing complex goals. Launching the next generation of computing is an endeavour I’m proud to be part of.

In my spare time, I run and play netball. 

Louise Aherne

Program Manager
Luc Gerardin

I’m passionate about transforming businesses; I’ve had the chance to be involved in fundamental transformation across industries from shipping to art to AI and data. Experiencing AI’s journey since 2005 has given me perspective on deep tech; I feel privileged now to be involved in quantum computing.

I spend my free time travelling, and experiencing operas and contemporary art.

Luc Gerardin

Head of Business Development
Samantha Edmonson

I cultivate teams and work environments that help everyone to flourish. I’ve worked in companies like Apple, crafting strategies that evolve and scale; but my best (and happiest!) work is at UQ. I’m inspired by our mission and amazing people every day.

I’ve a beautiful young family and spend my free time cooking, playing table tennis and watching Tottenham.

Samantha Edmonson

Head of People
Sebastian Weidt

I’m incredibly proud of the insanely talented, kind people at UQ. Working with them to bring transformational technology to the world is a delight. I have over 15 years’ experience developing quantum computers, co-created the first blueprint for a million qubit, trapped ion device, and am a Professor of Quantum Computing and Entrepreneurship.

Outside work it’s all about family, and I love sailing and skiing.

Sebastian Weidt

CEO & Co-Founder
Winfried Hensinger

Over 20 years ago I decided that I won’t give up until we’ve built a practical quantum computer. In my PhD I worked with Nobel laureate Bill Phillips, demonstrating dynamical tunnelling for the first time, before developing the first ion microchip during my postdoc. In 2005 I founded Sussex IQT Group, which developed a lot of the scientific concepts we use at UQ. 

I enjoy teaching at the University of Sussex. I also run, work out, swim, and attempt to learn musical instruments.

Winfried Hensinger

Chief Scientist, Co-Founder & Chairman
Zak Romaszko

About four and a half years ago, I joined UQ as the first employee; asked if I wanted to make useful large scale quantum computers, I said: “sounds fun”. Now I head up quantum chip development at UQ, having taken my PhD in ion trap design.

I enjoy all forms of competitive games - preferably ones I’m good at.

Zak Romaszko

Head of Quantum Chips

Our supporters

We’re proud to count on the confidence and support of leading technology investors, whose commitment makes our work possible.

We’d also like to acknowledge the University of Sussex, who have been a key partner since the inception of Universal Quantum. 

If you’re interested in our mission and would like to join us on our journey, please get in touch.

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