Date 28 May 2024
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The new design reflects our pride, collective ethos and growing ambition as a company, as well as the confidence bred by continued advances in our mission to build utility-scale quantum computers that can address humanity’s greatest challenges. What we have arrived at with this rebrand is an intuitive visual solution to communicate the complexities of quantum computer engineering to investors, partners and the public.

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The result is a website, proposition and identity that reflects Universal Quantum’s leading position, as the company entrusted by the German aerospace agency (DLR) with a record-breaking investment of €67m to develop truly scalable quantum computers, based on our pioneering technologies e.g. UQ Connect, UQ Logic and our scalable microwave system, etc.


Key features of the brand identity include:


  • An evolving modular block pattern that reflects the simplicity of Universal Quantum’s underlying design solution, at the same time as the system’s potential for scale and complexity. Universal Quantum’s solution to scaling quantum computers is based on the iQPU: the Integrated Quantum Processing Unit. Many of these self-contained units can be connected to create a modular, scalable system that retains record-breaking fidelity. 


  • The first company logo we know of to use an optical illusion to demonstrate a key product feature. The rounded-square design creates the illusion of dots at the intersections of the logo elements - reflecting the qubits that move along and between modules in UQ’s technology: they’re both there and not there, depending on observation.


  • Bold visuals to reflect the powerful sense of mission that unites the company and its stakeholders. Internal and external stakeholders were engaged with to ensure that the brand voice and messaging reflects Universal Quantum’s collaborative philosophy and powerful sense of purpose. That energy is reflected in a vibrant palette and striking graphic style. 


Head of Marketing, Kanyin Ilori said: “Our new identity really does justice to the scientific, engineering and commercial ambition Universal Quantum brings to the challenge of utility-scale quantum computing. In Flying Object – the agency we worked with - we were delighted to find a team of collaborators who really understood both our work and our ethos. As we continue to grow, bringing new investors and partners onboard, we’re confident that new collaborators will arrive with a strong sense of who we are, and will be as inspired as we are by our mission - to build the quantum computers that will enable humanity to face its greatest challenges.” 


Tom Pursey co-founder and creative director at Flying Object, said: Universal Quantum are an incredible company in an exciting industry, and we feel honoured to work on this project. It was fascinating getting under the hood of their approach, working closely with their team and immersing ourselves in the technology. It was clear from the beginning that this was no ordinary rebrand project, and we’re proud to launch both an ambitious proposition and a visual language that not only differentiates them as a company, but which also has hidden depths and speaks directly to the physics at the core of their work. All that time spent understanding the technology has really paid off."



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Notes to editors:

  • Universal Quantum was founded by University of Sussex faculty members Professor Sebastian Weidt and Professor Winfried Hensinger.


  • In 2017, Sebastian and Winfried published the first practical blueprint for a large-scale trapped ion quantum computer. They incorporated Universal Quantum the following year, to harness the investment and engineering capability needed to make this potential a reality.


  • Our blueprint addresses the scaling issue by connecting many units of a module we call the iQPU: the Integrated Quantum Processing Unit.


  • The iQPU modules - and the unique technology we use to link them, called UQ Connect - work with world-record speed and fidelity.


  • As a company, we pride ourselves on a collective ethos that gives everyone here responsibility for their own domain, and the freedom to determine the work pattern that suits them best. We believe the resulting environment of support is fundamental in enabling the collaboration that has built our success so far.


Our Mission:

Solve scale. Change world.

Quantum computers have the potential to overcome some of humanity’s greatest challenges. To realise this potential, we need to build machines that scale. This is what we do at Universal Quantum.

We are a team of passionate engineers, scientists and operational staff, driven by a shared mission: to build the technology that will transform our world.

We’re building utility-scale quantum computers, based on a robust, modular and practical blueprint, in partnership with the leading organisations and investors in the field.

See the rest of our new website here.