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Universal Quantum-led consortium wins £7.5m grant to build an error-corrected quantum computer

A consortium led by Universal Quantum has been awarded a £7.5m grant from Innovate UK’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund to build a… 

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The big impact of quantum error correction

Our quantum architect, Mark Webber, explains why quantum error correction is key to creating “useful” quantum computers and why we need…

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Major investors back disruptive new player in quantum computing race

Hoxton, Village Global and Propagator among investors in University of Sussex spin-out

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Chief Scientist gives evidence to MPs on future of technology

Professor Winfried Hensinger, Director of the SussexCentre for Quantum Technologies and Head of the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group… 

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Technical Resources

Universal Quantum was founded on ground-breaking research which includes a practical blueprint for a scalable trapped ion quantum computer with millions of qubits.

We’re delivering against that plan today, and we continue to drive progress in the field, and to share our discoveries and solutions with collaborators and colleagues.

Here, you can find a directory of technical resources, published to help drive further research.