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Universal Quantum wins prestigious Institute of Physics Business Award

IOP recognises “great business idea founded on a physics invention, with the potential for business growth and significant societal impact” 

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Quantum gates explained (without the maths)

Our quantum engineer, Joe Randall, explains quantum logic gates and how they can be realised in quantum computers today. 

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How Universal Quantum is rising to the million-qubit challenge

Our VP of engineering and product, Unmesh Sahasrabuddhe, explains why Universal Quantum’s unique architecture is perfectly placed to face… 

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Universal Quantum joins sureCore-led £6.5m consortium to unite classical and quantum chips

Innovate UK has awarded a grant of £6.5 million to a seven-member consortium led by sureCore with a remit to jointly develop advanced… 

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Technical Resources

Universal Quantum was founded on ground-breaking research which includes a practical blueprint for a scalable trapped ion quantum computer with millions of qubits.

We’re delivering against that plan today, and we continue to drive progress in the field, and to share our discoveries and solutions with collaborators and colleagues.

Here, you can find a directory of technical resources, published to help drive further research.